The Main Force Patrol is in the process of creating this website as a way to keep citizens better informed of the efforts of the Main Force Patrol. In the spirit of openess that MFP Commissioner Labatouche encourages, the MFP opens its files to you, the citizens.

NEWS FLASH! In North America there was a huge event, ROADWAR 151, held in San Antonio, Texas on April 15th and 16th, 2005. The Main Force Patrol was in attendance, displaying the latest in Pursuit Special technology, and was honored to provide transportation to Vernon Wells, who starred in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior as Wez. The MFP debuted all of the new MFP Gear, including Patrol Shirts, jacket badges, car & motorcycle decals, and embroidered patches. More information about Roadwar 151 is available at the offical ROADWAR 151 site.

NEWS FLASH: The Main Force Patrol is greatly flattered to hear that many citizens would like to have a replica of the badge that our officers wear on their duty uniforms. Also, we understand that some officers of the Main Force Patrol that are on outstations may need a replacement badge, as supplies in some outlying areas are not readily available due to worldwide conditions following The Disorder. They will be available very shortly on this site. Updates will be posted here. Thanks for your patience. - November 12th, 2005.