Toecutter Gang

Make no mistake, these "people" are the scum of the earth, living off the corpse of the old world, people with no hope for the future. The Main Force Patrol is dedicated to clearing the roads of this trash. If you see any of these individuals, do not approach them, instead call the Main Force Patrol. At this time, budgetary restraints prevent the MFP from paying rewards for information leading to the arrest of these criminals, however such information will be rewarded with a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card, good for one minor infraction.

- The Toecutter
- Bubba Zanetti
- Johnny "The Boy" Burns
- Crawford 'Nightrider' Montizano
- Arnold "Mudguts" Bracks
- Paul Cundalini
The Wasteland Marauders
- Kjell "The Humungus" Smith
- Westly "Wez" Goldstein
- Frank "Toadie" Phipps
- Mel "Happy" Pants